Under Bed TV Lift – An Innovative Design For Your Bedroom

TV lifts come in different types and sizes. If you’ve come across one, chances are that it’s a pop-up or a drop-down lift. These types would easily fit into your living room.

How about your bedroom? Well, you could still install a pop-up or drop-down lift in your sleeping space. But if you’re a fan of innovation and style, consider an under bed TV lift. This type is relatively less common, yet it still is one of the best in performance and aesthetics.

What Makes an Under Bed TV Lift Different

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TV lifts introduce the advantage of not having your television visible all the time. It only stays in view when you want to view it. For that, under bed designed lifts work perfectly. The uniqueness they bring reflects in their mechanism and how they conceal screens.

An under bed TV lift places your television in a horizontal position under your bed. That’s where it gets its name. When it’s time for viewing, the lift pops out and adjusts in a vertical position. Usually, under bed TV lifts come with swivels. So you can adjust the position to the best viewing angle.

Thanks to how they function, under bed TV lifts let you save more space. Ordinarily, you would have installed a cabinet at the foot of your bed to use a TV lift that close. But with this design,, the area under your bed does the job.

Accordingly, to ensure they fit flawlessly under your bed, these TV lifts are sleek and compact. Yet, they come in various designs and finishes, meaning you still get to choose one that matches the make-up of your bedroom. Tasteful under bed TV lifts will add more allure on their own.

Understanding The Design

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Under bed TV lifts employ a motorized flap to protect your television. When activated, the flap first opens before your TV screen becomes visible. Likewise, when it’s time to return the television under the bed, the flap shuts when the screen is covered. In such a shelter, it’s unlikely for the screen to break.

As the flap opens and closes and the lift goes in and out, your bedroom stays calm. A quality under bed TV lift will feature a near-silent motor. So even if someone is on the bed, it won’t disrupt their rest.

Furthermore, the lifts typically include a cable management system. This is also common with other types, and it helps prevent tangling while keeping you safe.

How about mounting and unmounting the device? You can do that seamlessly, as most under bed TV lifts have simple installation instructions. But if you can’t handle it yourself, seeking the service of a specialist is ideal.


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An end furniture TV lift will make an innovative addition to your bedroom. Opting for one will make your room more cosy and stylish. There are several options available online that should suit your needs. However, choose one based on your TV size, ease of use, and overall quality as this guarantees you a better viewing experience.