Quietest Over the Range Microwave

7 Best Quietest Over the Range Microwave in 2023

In this era, everyone loves to customize their kitchen with different appliances and machines. These appliances make their work short and help them in the cooking of food. In those types of devices, a microwave is one of the essential cooking appliances with multipurpose use in the kitchen.

Having a microwave can create some challenges for you. One such thing is the noise. Most of the microwaves have noise when they are operational. That noise can be disturbing to those who are sleeping, especially in the room attached to the kitchen. So at that time, most of the users wish for a quietest microwave.

So, if you are looking for the quietest over the range microwave and cannot find such a product, we have brought some best quiet over the range microwave available in the market.

Top picks

To facilitate you, here we presented our top picks that have great features and easy to use.

Quietest Over the Range Microwave


Quietest Over the Range Microwave


SMO1854DS Sharp Microwave:

It is the quietest over the range microwave among quiet microwaves that has a high power of 1100 watts. Also, this microwave has a 450 CFM powerful ventilating system. The microwave has a stylish design with having easy to read LED display.

Sharp R1874T Microwave:

It has a quiet exhaust fan. It also consists of a turntable for even heating and also contains racks to cook large food at once. Microwave has a capacity of 1.1 cubic feet, and it is easy to install.

Review of products

1- JVM3160DFCC GE Microwave

If you are looking for quietest over the range microwave, then JVM3160DFCC GE is the best option.

Quietest Over the Range Microwave



Microwave has a simple structure having a white exterior and consists of interior light. This design can fit almost every kitchen design. It is made up of stainless steel.


GE microwave has 1000 watts that are efficient to heat or cook the food quickly. It has ten power levels.  This power is enough to heat the food in 1 to 6 minutes.

Venting system:

GE microwave has a 300 CFM venting system used to eliminate the smoke, odor, and steam from the kitchen.

Quietest operation:

If you want a quiet operation, then GE JVM3160DFCC is best for you. This microwave can reduce unwanted noise and make the process most peaceful and is among the best silent microwaves.


JVM3160DFCC GE microwave has a capacity of 1.6 cubic feet; this space is enough to cook a large amount of food in this microwave.

Ease of use:

GE microwave is easy to use. It also does not require more maintenance because it is durable.

Other features:

Microwave comes with an automatic panel and large control buttons. You can press the button, and the microwave automatically starts the operation you demand.

  • Easy to usenDurablenQuietest operationnPower of 1000 watts
  • An LCD panel is dim

2- Toshiba ML-EM45PIT (SS)

Quietest Over the Range Microwave


Microwave power:

Microwave has a power input of 1250 watts, which offers an extraordinary and powerful cooking experience. 

Inverter technology:

Powerful inverter technology is present in the microwave, enabling the microwave to divide the heading duration at different intervals. Due to this division in heating durations, lesser power consumption takes place. Inverter technology also helps to maintain the texture of food and natural taste.


Even defrosting of the microwave gives perfectly cooked food that is not over or under heated. Faster cooking of the microwave due to its power reduces about 40% time of defrosting. Microwave heating system gives equal heat distribution, which offers even cooking from the edges and center of the food.

Sensor cooking:

A cooking sensor is embedded in the interior of this quiet microwave oven. This sensor senses the humidity and moisture content of the food. Then it automatically adjusts the time and temperature conditions to cook food perfectly.

Cooking levels:

Toshiba ML-EM45PIT (SS) offers ten different cooking levels with different cooking intensity and can be applied in variable conditions. This cooking level gives you flexibility and versatility in cooking. These levels can be used from low heat consumption operations such as softening/melting to heavy operational modes like defrosting.

Bright LED light:

A bright LED light is present in the microwave cavity, helping monitor food inside the microwave.

Healthy cooking:

Microwaves can retain some moisture, vitamins, and minerals in the food, suitable for human health.

  • The exterior of the microwave is made up of stainless steel, which is easy to clean and also strongnPre-programed and sensor features
  • The touchpad is a little bit unresponsive some times

3- SMO1854DS Sharp Microwave

Quietest Over the Range Microwave


Here we discuss the features of the quietest over the range microwave that is SMO1854DS Sharp Microwave.


This microwave has a stylish design that usually fits in all kitchen designs. It gives a great look to your kitchen, also performs very well. The door of the microwave has a glass front.

LED display:

Sharp microwave comes with easy to read display that shows a blue color. This microwave interior is grey, having a bright white light that looks cool in the kitchen.


SMO1854DS Sharp Microwave has a power of 1100 watts that quickly food your food. This microwave has a capacity of 1.8 cubic feet that is enough to cook a large amount of food and it’s the most reliable over the range microwave.

Venting system:

SMO1854DS microwave has a 450 very powerful CFM system used to eliminate steam, foul odor, and smoke from the kitchen. It is easy to install this silent microwave oven microwave.


This over the range microwave consists of a turntable of 12.8 inches, useful for even heating. We can adequately heat your food by using this feature. This turntable is also easy to clean. We can clean it by using a cloth to avoid stains and corrosion.


Sharp microwave consists of sensors that automatically adjust the power and time to cook a variety of foods like pizza, potatoes, and popcorns.

  • Stylish designnEasy to installnPower of 1100 wattsnThree-speed venting systemnQuietest operation
  • The Control panel is made up of a plastic membrane that is cheap quality and does not look nice.

4- JVM3160RFSS GE Over-the-Range Microwave

Quietest Over the Range Microwave



The design of this microwave is simple, but the handle is stylish and unique. The microwave is made up of stainless steel, having a sleek look. It has easy to read and bright display.


GE microwave comes with 1000 watts power having ten power levels that are enough to heat and cook the food quickly.


Microwave has a capacity of 1.6 cubic feet, large enough for the average family. Its dimensions are 15.25 x 29.88 x 16.5 inches. This microwave is easy to install.

Venting system:

This front venting countertop microwave has a powerful venting system of 300 CFM. This ventilation system is enough to remove the steam, odor, and smoke from the kitchen. The microwave consists of a two-speed ventilation system.

Defrost setting:

Another fantastic feature of this microwave is that you can place the defrost food and enter the weight. Microwave automatically adjusts the power and time requires by defrosting it, or you can do it manually. In GE microwave, defrost power levels and times are programmed manually or automatically according to the user’s need.


GE JVM3160RFSS microwave consists of a turntable that can be on and off according to the user’s need.  This turntable is controllable. It is used for even heating and easy to clean.

Quietest operation:

This microwave runs very smoothly. If you don’t like the sound of the microwave, then use this. It produces a shallow sound while operating.

  • Defrost settingnPower of 1000 wattsnEvenly heat the foodnEasy to installnPowerful venting system
  • Defrosting is not suitable for complicated foods.

5- Sharp R1874T over the range microwave

Quietest Over the Range Microwave


Microwave capacity:

Most of over the range microwave has a large capacity for food in their cavity. The same is the case with Sharp R1874T, and it has a cavity capacity is about 1.1 cubic feet, which is enough to adjust a lot of food in it.

Size and dimensions:

The Sharp R1874T size is very compact, so you can easily install it above the range. If the range size is large, you may also use a filler kit to adjust the size. Furthermore, the microwave dimension is 29-15/16 by 16-11/32 by 15-9/32 inches.

Even heating:

Sharp R1874T microwave has a turntable of size about 13 inches. This turntable is used to provide even heating to the food. The turntable rotates in the microwave at a slow and steady speed. This rotation of the turntable allows even heating of food from all sides.


To place more food items in a single shift, the microwave has two racks. These low and high racks allow the user to put more food in a single run. Thus it saves energy consumption as well as time.

Exhaust system:

Another fantastic feature of this oven is its exhaust system, which is present with it. This system throws out smoke, heat, and a foul smell of food. It has a powerful fan with a high rotating speed. Fan of the exhaust system is very much noise-free, making it quietest over the range microwave.

  • Quiet exhaust fannBuilt-in smart sensor for cookingnTurntable for even heating of food
  • Some of the users have an issue with the packing of the microwave

6- Panasonic Compact Microwave

Quietest Over the Range Microwave


Microwave Power:

The microwave takes 1200 watt input power, so it is potent and can cook food quickly. Also, its defrosting function is very efficient due to the high power offered by the microwave.


A 13.4-inches turntable is present in the microwave cavity, which rotates smoothly in the microwave. So even food cooking is provided by the microwave due to this turntable.

Cooking sensor:

A smart cooking sensor is present in the oven, which does its guesswork to provide quality food cooking. Sensor basically determines the amount of moisture in the food, and then depending on that moisture, it adjusts the heat and time of cooking.

Advance Inverter technology:

Unlike those microwaves that use pulse technology, Panasonic Compact Microwave offers advanced inverter technology that gives even food heating. All eleven power levels are fully efficient to provide perfect food cooking with a continuous power input from the inverter source.

Installation of microwave:

The user manual of the microwave has complete guidance about the installation of the microwave. There is a separate section that has all the details regarding installation. So, if you have some basic knowledge, then you can easily place your best over the range microwave under $200 in the over-the-range spot.

  • Advanced inverter technologynSensor cookingnTurbo defrosting
  • The low intensity of light inside the microwave

7- LG LMHM2237ST

Quietest Over the Range Microwave


Interior capacity:

The cavity capacity of LG LMHM2237ST is about 2.2 cubic feet is enormous. So you can easily place a lot of food inside the microwave, this will save your extra expenditure on electricity bills.


Display features of the microwave look complicated, but they are easy to operate. The microwave has a horizontal display which has already installed a menu of a few everyday dishes. Also, a timer and temperature display is present.

Sensor cooking:

LG LMHM2237ST has a sensor that can adjust the cooking temperature and time depending upon food type. Sensor cooking offers you controlled and evenly cooked food.


This microwave has an advanced ventilation system for throwing out smoke, odors, and the smell of food. A significant part of the ventilation system is the fan, which rotates at high speed and produces zero noise. Hence LG LMHM2237ST is the quietest over-the-range microwave.

Bright LED light:

You can monitor your food from outside with the help of a bright LED light present in the microwave cavity.

Silent mode:

The microwave has a buzzer sound when the operation is completed. However, this buzzer can be turned on and off whenever you desire for your convenience.

  • Extended Ventilation featurenAutomatic control panelnThe large size of the cavity
  • The cooking sensor does not work efficiently sometimesnNo on/off option for turntable

Buying guide for quietest over the range microwave

Do you know how to buy the quietest over the range microwave? You should know some features that must be present while purchasing the best microwave for the money. Here we discuss some features that should be present in a microwave.


Before buying, must check the material of the microwave that should be of good quality. If it is made up of good quality, it lasts for a longer time and becomes durable, due to which it requires less maintenance.

Venting system

The microwave must have a powerful venting system. The venting system helps to remove the steam, odor, and smoke from the kitchen. It is measured in CFM. The ideal range of venting system is 300 CFM or above.

Design and space

If you are conscious about beauty, then prefer a sleek design microwave. It would be best if you bought the microwave according to your kitchen’s design that perfectly fits in your kitchen. The size of the microwave also depends upon the available space in the kitchen.

Children safety lock

When you have children in your home, then prefer the microwave having a child safety lock. This feature helps to protect your children from any accident.


The most important feature is the power of the microwave. It should be high. If the microwave has increased capacity, it quickly cooks the food compared to low power microwave.


Some microwaves consist of sensors that automatically cook the food by adjusting the power and time. This feature helps you a lot when you do not understand what temperature and time are suitable for cooking.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it acceptable to place a microwave over the range?

Over the range placement of microwave is the best option for those who have a tiny kitchen. You can save your space easily if you install your microwave above the range.  But also keep in mind about the ventilation problem of over the range microwaves.

Why is my microwave making humming like noise?

Noise is always an irritating thing to have. Humming noise in the microwave may be due to either fan of the microwave or the magnetron. A magnetron is a component that generates heat in the microwave from the input voltage. So a disorder in the magnetron can also produce humming noise.

Which one is the quietest over the range microwave?

Sharp R1874T over the range microwave is the quietest over the range microwave. Along with low noise, Sharp R1874T also has powerful features to offer quality food cooking.

Do all the microwaves are silent?

There are some silent microwaves, but not all of them are silent. Some of the microwaves have thunderous operating noise, and some have low. Our article about quietest over the range microwave will help you to find a nice and quiet microwave.


Finding the quietest over the range microwave is difficult in the present market. Because when you go for buying, every salesperson will say that this microwave is extremely quiet. However, we have done the hard thing for you by shortlisting quietest over the range microwaves.

Having a noise-free microwave can save you from most of the unnecessary noise in the kitchen. Before buying the quietest over the range microwave, we also recommended you look into the features you need to have, then made a selection of the quiet microwave ovens.

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