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10 most reliable oven brand in 2023

Do you ever feel that buying an oven is more technical and hard stuff? There are so many features to consider and many brands to look for when buying one. Are you still looking for the most reliable oven brand and need guidance. Turns out that we have a detailed guide for you.

In this article, we will look at some of the top brands and check if they are reliable. The fewer service calls in a while meaning the more a brand is reliable and vice versa. Many smart features increase the life of an oven. So, let us review the top 10 most reliable oven brands.

1.    Whirlpool

Whirlpool is the most reliable oven brand. They give you so many features and options, that you will love using them over the course. When it comes to being reliable, you won’t find anything better than Whirlpool.

most reliable oven brand

We gathered data from Yale Store and found that there were only 4.04% services to Yale ovens. It is a simple indication that around 96% of users never needed service within their first year of use.

However, there is another factor that you must consider. Most builders use these heavy, large and front venting ovens. The seller must install and check them for the first time. After basic training, there is less chance of issues arising. However, when it comes to data from homeowners, they have a higher number of services.

So, we can say that Whirlpool is the best brand if you need it for the office or worksite. For home use, you may get better options.

2.    General Electrics

GE may have many issues in the past but after Haier took over the business, now you see a lot of change. Haier knows how to do business and how to stay in the competition. They also know that the most reliable oven brand is one that never causes problems.

Haier turned around GE and they now focus more on selling reliable appliances than offering long warranties. As a result, there are fewer service claims on GE products. As per stats from Yale Store, only 5.7% of the time users called for service during the first year of their use.

This speaks more about their performance. GE ovens are one of the best when it comes to quality. They are safe and will work longer without arising any issues. So, if you are the one who focuses on reliability, then the most reliable oven brand is GE.

GE also impress its users by giving the best features that no one else is offering yet. They have the latest features while the design gives it a premium shape. As we said earlier that no one can beat them for reliable ovens, the same is true for quality.

Best GE Microwave Oven

  • Smart features
  • Huge capacity
  • 10 different power levels

3.    LG

From an early age, we listened to LG all the time. There was a time when LG was dominating the market based on its quality and features. LG is still giving the same quality in their products while you will rarely find issues in their items.

However, LG lagged in research and couldn’t provide the best features to their users. That is why you see other oven brands selling the most in the market today. LG never lagged in terms of quality or reliable ovens.

Most people still prefer LG because they rank just after GE when it comes to the most reliable oven brand. As per the figures from the Yale Store, they received service calls for LG products in just 5.98% cases.

In around 94% of cases, the users were fully happy with their ovens and didn’t complain about a single issue within one year. This speaks how much comfortable you will feel when you purchase your ideal oven from LG.

The best part about LG is that they have a wide range of appliances. They will offer you many options and will fill your whole home. Thus, many people who prefer LG are brand conscious and find LG the best of all.

Best LG Microwave Oven

  • Extended Ventilation feature
  • Automatic control panel
  • The large size of the cavity

4.    Gaggenau

While most people never take Gaggenau as a priority brand, you will be amazed to see it on this list. When it comes to ovens, their ovens are very reliable and less noisy. They certainly don’t match the standards set by GE or LG, but they are very good.

We have the data available from the Yale Store. When we analyze it, we find that Gaggenau appliances needed service only in 9.03% cases. It means that in around 91% of cases, users never found any service issue in their ovens for the whole first year.

This way Gaggenau beats even some of the top electronics brands. When it comes to the most reliable oven brand, they are better than giants like Samsung, or Kitchen Aid. So, unlike features where Samsung seems the king, Gaggenau beats Samsung in selling reliable ovens.

People also like Gaggenau because it gives the best and latest features. Most of its features are the leading ones in the industry. Moreover, you can also get the longest warranty in the industry i.e. ten years. You are eligible for it if you buy the whole kitchen from them.

The only pro with Gaggenau is that their products are very high-end and cost more. You must spend a lot more amount on the same features that others offer at a lower price. But quality seekers love to invest in these perfect ovens.

5.    Samsung

This giant in electronics ranks no. 5 in our list of the most reliable oven brand. Samsung dominated the electronics market based on its R&D. It gives some of the best products to users. The features of Samsung are way ahead of its competitors. As a result, users prefer Samsung more than any other brand.

However, many brands are good than Samsung when it comes to selling reliable pieces. The Yale Store stats suggests that Samsung ovens needed service in 10.04% cases. It is a clear indication that you will get an ideal oven in 90% of the cases.

Even with a lower figure than other brands, Samsung still leads the market. The main reason here is that Samsung gives a clear warranty. Users know if there is any issue, Samsung will never hesitate to solve it. There are some other reasons too that explains why people prefer Samsung so much.

One of the key reasons is the latest features that Samsung offers. You won’t find any other brand that offers the same specs at a given price. So, despite a lower reliability ratio, users still love to use Samsung ovens. The quality you get is just superb.

Other things that users seek in Samsung are their design, brand name, reliable ovens, and the same standard in all products. Samsung never makes a compro on quality and this is what users love about it. Their ovens are very easy to use and cook the perfect food for your family. Having a Samsung oven in your kitchen means free from quality issues.

Best Samsung Microwave Oven

  • Plenty of room
  • Powerful cooking
  • Child safety lock

6.    Bosch

Some users think that if their device doesn’t incur any issue during the first year, it is a good one. On the other hand, some users think the opposite. They consider a company good if it has excellent support whenever you ask them for help. For the latter, Bosch is one of the most reliable oven brand.

When you are buying your favorite oven from Bosch, you must remain to ensure one fact. That is, Bosch will always accept claims and give you the best support. They will be keen to solve your issues and help you as much as possible.

Many brands are reluctant when issues arise in their products. However, the case is opposite to Bosch. As per the stats that we got from the Yale Store, around 11.61% of Bosch appliances needed support. This figure only represents the first year after sell where around 88% of users were totally happy.

Out of all the service calls, most people were happy with the quality of service that Bosch provides. So, you can say that even though their support calls ratio is greater than other brands, their users are happier than others.

Best Bosch Microwave Oven

  • 950 Cooking Watts
  • Touch open & close
  • LCD white display

7.    Miele

If you are planning to purchase a wall oven, then you will get the best options at Miele. These are the best ovens and most people prefer them. Most people prefer them because Miele products give one of the best quality in their products.

When it comes to reliable selling, Miele ranks on the 7th spot in terms of service calls received within the first year when users buy the product. The stats at Yale Store show that 16.6% times users needed service out of all selling.

Their other products are also very well and users like them the most. Ovens of other types are equally famous among users. However, most people prefer to purchase wall ovens when it comes to Miele.

The best part about these reliable ovens is that they are very easy to use. There are a lot of functions that these irons control through easy steps. As a result, even someone with little knowledge about ovens will be able to use it well.

Users also love Miele ovens because they are accurate in terms of temperature scales. Even in professional tests, you will find them giving the exact temp as the scale shows. Thus, cooking food is simpler than ever. Miele makes all of their product on their own and outsources just a smaller part. Thus, you will get the same quality every time you use it.

Best Miele Microwave Oven

  • Very spacious
  • Powerful Cooking
  • LCD display

8.    Fisher & Paykel

The original service calls from Fisher & Paykel are 18.37% of all the selling as per the Yale Store. However, things are not that simple. Recently, Haier took over this brand and done drastic changes in it.

Before Haier, GE was also receiving so many support complaints. However, when Haier owned them, they introduced their vision in the company and tried to reduce support calls as much as they can.

Haier believe to sell the best item in a single time. So, the customer will never need to contact support. Their products come with simple install instructions and users won’t face any issue to install them. They are safe and easy to use, with fewer issues over time.

So, figures of Fisher & Paykel seems not so good for now. However, you must know that soon they will improve. Haier will try their best to introduce the same vision here and reduce support calls. As a result, Fisher & Paykel will receive fewer support calls soon.

Fisher & Paykel has a long list of appliances for your kitchen. It covers every segment of society and has an ideal product for each segment. You will find one of the most expensive ovens in their product line. On the other hand, they have some of the cheapest options in their ovens.

After price segments, there come types of ovens. Fisher & Paykel has all types of ovens for your home need. They have single ovens, double ovens, pyrolytic ovens, as well as large wall ovens. Thus, you get exactly what you need.

Best Fisher & Paykel Microwave Oven

  • Huge capacity
  • Self cooking
  • 17 Functions

9.    Thermador

Users love their oven because they provide premium features in their ovens. The look is a modern one while the design of the oven allows everyone to use it in their kitchens. They are very reliable and with just minimum care, you can use them for over 10 years.

The company offers a two years warranty for parts and because of this, the service request rate of Thermador is higher. Most people arise issues in the second year of usage than people across issues in the first year.

If we see at the stats from the Yale Store, we find 19.79% of people needed service in a year. But there is a good point that almost everyone who opts for service is happy. After service, your oven will likely work for the coming years without further issues. Apart from the overall figure, there are fewer issues in their premium products.

Well, people love these ovens for other features too. Most people like them because they have a large capacity and give more freedom than other ovens. These ovens have the latest features like you can connect and control it through WiFi. Moreover, their ovens charge the best price and give the right value for your money.

Thermador wall ovens are ones that earn them a name in the industry. The capacity of Thermador ovens is always the center of the talk. You have the freedom to cook as much food in a single try as you wish. Thus, despite a higher rate of service calls, Thermador is still a premium brand.

10.   Kitchen Aid

Kitchen Aid is a brand of Whirlpool Corporations which is the most reliable oven brand. However, Kitchen Aid usually deals in home appliances and unlike Whirlpool, it has less potential for the industry.

The service rate for Kitchen Aid is the highest in our list of top 10 most reliable oven brands. During one year of stats at the Yale Store, it received 20.54% service claims in the first year.

The best part about Kitchen Aid ovens is that it has a beautiful look along with useful features. As a result, your kitchen will have a newer look when you place this oven in the center. Most people prefer Kitchen Aid because of the modern design and shape.

Best Kitchen Aid Microwave Oven

  • Large capacity
  • Non stick interior
  • Countertop


What is the most reliable oven brand?

When it comes to the most reliable oven brand in terms of service claims, Whirlpool ranks the list. However, they mostly deal with industrial products. For home use, GE and LG are sides by side in the competition.

Which brand makes ovens with the latest features?

Samsung is an industry leader and makes ovens with the latest features. Their ovens may cost you a bit higher but it worth it.

Should I purchase a Thermador oven?

Thermador is making some of the best ovens in terms of quality. People love their ovens because they work for a longer time. Most people use the same oven for 10+ years.


In this article, we did a complete review of all the top oven brands. We looked for the most reliable oven brand and relied on the stats from the Yale Store. There were many factors that we considered. These include service requests, duration of use, latest features, and brand image.

We found that Whirlpool makes some of the best reliable ovens for businesses. For home use, GE was leading the list. After Haier took charge of GE, their products maintain the best standard and rarely incur issues. We also found that another brand Thermador is also making some of the best ovens. So, when you are buying an oven for you, look for the most reliable oven brand. As a result, there are fewer chances for issues and problems. You can use the oven for a long t

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