Best above range microwave

Best above range microwave to buy in 2023

Nowadays, microwaves have become an integral part of the kitchen, either in a home or in any commercial place. People have become educated and look for the best available product in the market.

However, many problems arise when you don’t have any specific space in your kitchen to place a microwave. There is no other best place when it comes to the microwave placement than over the range.

Several things are associated with a microwave, such as microwaves do require ventilation. So placing them in a cabinet, drawer, or appliances wall is not the best option.  Some microwaves also have a built-in fan for cooling purposes, which can be a bad thing if your microwave operates in a tight space.

So for microwave placement, over the range is always the best option to have. Over the range, placement is also known as (OTR). OTR has few advantages over other spots, such as it offers adequate ventilation to microwave, a fan can work efficiently. Moreover, the wiring problem also does not occur; you may use an extension.

All of the microwaves do not suit fit on over the range spot. You may require a microwave with specific sizes and features that can easily adjust in the range position.

For your ease, we have brought the best above range microwave for you. All of these microwaves have excellent features with powerful cooking and elegant design. Here are our best above range microwave.

Top picks

If you have a short time to buy the best above range microwave, you cannot study a lot about the microwave. Here we provided a top pick for your convenience and helped you in buying a microwave.

PVM9005SJSS GE microwave is the best over-the-range microwave at a reasonable price. It has a high power of 1050-watt, having a 400 CFM venting system. It consists of a turntable, auto-cooking programs, a comfortable touchpad, and also easy to clean.

Panasonic NN-SN966S microwave has a high power of 1250-watts, having a pre-programmed button. Microwave has a compact and sleek design. It also consists of a defrost setting and temperature sensors.

Review of products

R-1214 Sharp Over-the-Counter Microwave          

If you need to buy the best above range microwave, then the R-1214 Sharp Microwave is the best choice.

Best above range microwave


Let us discuss the features of the R-1214 Sharp Microwave.

Power :

R-1214 Sharp Microwave provides a wattage of about 1100-watt to cook or heat the food. It is enough power to cook large food in a short time.

Capacity :

This above the range microwave has a capacity of 1.5-cubic foot and has an internal dimension of 17-1/2 by 9-7/8 by 14-15/16 inches.

Even Heating :

R-1214 microwave has a turntable of 14-1/8 inches used for even heating. It would be necessary for the user to create a room for a turntable for even heating.

Defrost setting :

Defrost power and time set automatically based on the weight of the poultry and weight.

Smart sensor :

Sharp Microwave is available with smart sensors that automatically cook the 11 common microwave foods. For this purpose, there is no need for setting power and time.

Action keys :

R-1214 microwave consists of instant action keys that make easy use of the microwave and save time. For customer help, this microwave cooking settings has Spanish, French, or English options.

Warm plus :

Microwave has a feature of warm plus that keeps your food warm for 30 minutes when the cooking is finished.

  • Power of 1100-wattnSleek designnTurntable for even heatingnEasy and smart sensors
  • A children safety lock is not present

Panasonic NN-SN966S Microwave Oven

Best above range microwave


Microwave Power :

The Panasonic NN-SN966S Microwave oven has a high cooking power of 1250 watts, which is the best thing to have. So it can perform its function more efficiently than the other microwave.

Inverter technology :

Microwave inverter technology reduces energy consumption and gives continuous power to the microwave. Hence, efficiency and power-saving are done with the help of inverter technology present in the microwave. Again, this inverter technology generates a steady stream of power for the microwave

Size and weight :

The Panasonic NN-SN966S Microwave oven has a compact size suitable for almost all kitchens. The interior of the microwave has enormous space for food to put in. Moreover, the microwave weight is about 8 pounds, allowing easy movement from one place to another.

Pre-programmed buttons :

Some everyday food items are already installed in the microwave with pre-programmed buttons. These buttons are very useful for these dishes and can be activated with just one click.

Turbo Defrost :

Microwave sequencing system linked with the inverter technology gives turbo defrost ability to the microwave. This feature is suitable for food such as Thaws food for quick and easy cooking.

Temperature maintains feature :

The Panasonic NN-SN966S Microwave oven generates heat and preserves heat until you take out your food from the microwave. This feature keeps your food warm and hot for serving.

  • The compact and sleek design of the microwavenLarge capacity inside the microwave, which is about 2.2 feetn12 preset menu itemsnDefrosting of frozen food is excellentnKeep warm feature
  • Sensor technology does not work effectively in the case of fishes and eggsnA beep sound is thunderousnDefrosting is sometimes inaccurate

LMV2031ST LG Over-the-Range Microwave

If you want a cheap best above range microwave, then LMV2031ST LG is the best option for you.

Best above range microwave


Wattage :

Microwave has a power of 1000-watt that is efficient for quick cooking. It is also available with a venting system of 400 CFM.

Capacity :

LMV2031ST microwave has a capacity of 2.0-cubic-foot; hence, it can accommodate a large microwave plate due to its large size.

Installation :

LG Over-the-Range Microwave is easy to install as it comes with the installation template. Also, it has a quiet fan and an actual touchpad.

Sleek design :

The exterior of the Microwave has a sleek design while the microwave interior is grey. The interior of the microwave is not suitable for those people who required a spotless microwave. It has not a large window to see in the interior of it.

Spacious Oven :

If you have many cooking and heating needs, then this is the spacious oven that is best for you if you have a low budget. This microwave is easy to clean.

Energy-saving mode :

This Microwave has a feature of energy-saving mode that helps save your energy on standby mode.

Cooking sensors :

LMV2031ST LG Over-the-Range Microwave has cooking sensors that automatically cook the food without setting the temperature and time.

  • Power of 1000-wattnSeek exteriornEasy to installnLarge capacity
  • Safety measure is not present for the protectionnThe window size is small, which is not enough to see the interior.

PVM9005SJSS GE Above-the-Range Microwave

Best above range microwave


Capacity :

The cooking capacity of this microwave is 2.1 cubic feet. This space is enough to cook a good for a large family in a single unit.

Wattage :

GE microwave has a power of 1050-watt that is enough for heavy cooking. Also, this microwave features ten power levels.

Venting system :

PVM900SJSS microwave has a venting system of 400 CFM. The fans of the microwave are strong and quiet at high and low. 400 CFM venting system is large enough that work well for many cooking purposes.

Touchpad :

The touchpad of this microwave is present at the bottom of the product’s door. This touchpad is easy to approach as well as easy to use.

Auto-cooking program :

GE PVM9005SJSS microwave has many auto-cooking plans for pizza, potatoes, etc. This feature automatically sets the power and time required to cook the cook.

Bluetooth connectivity :

Another innovative feature of this GE microwave is that it is available with Bluetooth connectivity. This feature helps to connect and detects the sync clocks and GE range.

Even heating :

The microwave comes with a turntable of 14.25 inches that helps in even heating. The installation of this microwave is also effortless. Also, this unit comes with the installation template.

Easy to clean :

GE microwave has a sleek appearance. The handle of the door is streamlined, which helps in easy cleaning.

  • 1050-watt powernAuto-cooking programnTurntable for even heatingnEasy to clean
  • No interior light to see inside the Microwave

FGMV176NTF Frigidaire Above-the-Range Microwave

If you want the best above range microwave with excellent performance at a reasonable price, the FGMV176NTF Frigidaire microwave meets these needs.

Best above range microwave


Cooking sensors :

Frigidaire microwave consists of a cooking sensor used to automatically set the power and time required to cook different food items.

One-touch option :

If you are looking for easy to use microwave, then it is best. This above range microwave has a one-touch feature that helps cook the potatoes, pizza, and popcorns by touching the button. You can also add 30 seconds by touching the button.

Large turntable :

FGMV176NTF microwave consists of a large glass turntable of 3-1/2″ diameter. This turntable can be easily used for large bowls and rotate for even cooking.

Space-wise rack :

Frigidaire Above-the-Range Microwave has a space-wise rack to create more space in the microwave. Using this feature, you can cook a variety of foods at a single time.

Easy cleaning :

If you are conscious about the cleaning, then you prefer this microwave. You can easily clean the spills from your microwave with less effort.

Wattage :

FGMV176NTF Frigidaire microwave has a power of 1000-watts that is efficient for quick cooking. It has about nine power levels that help to cook food at the desired speed.

  • Easy to cleannPower of 1000-wattnLarge turntablenCooking sensors
  • It is difficult to install this microwave.

R1874T Sharp 850-watt Microwave

Best above range microwave


Power :

1874T Sharp microwave provides wattage of about 850-watt to cook or heat the food. It is also a convection microwave that cans bakes, browns, roasts, and crisps.

Capacity :

This R1874T Sharp microwave has a capacity of 1.1-cubic feet. Its outer dimension is 29-15/16 by 16-11/32 by 15-9/32 inches, and inner size is 13-13/16 by 8-1/16 by 17-1/8.

Even heating :

This Microwave has a turntable of 13-inch that is used for even heating. You can adequately heat your food by rotating the turntable. The user has to create some space in the microwave for the turntable to heat the food.

Installation :

R1874T microwave comes with the installation manual that also consists of the cookbook in which a variety of cooking recipes are given.  This microwave is mostly used for baking.

Racks :

Sharp microwave consist of high and low shelves. By using these racks, you can cook multiple foods at one time. Also, the microwave consists of light to see what’s cooking in the microwave.

Exhaust system :

An innovative feature of this microwave is that it has a built-in exhaust system. This system consists of power fans emitting the smoke, bad smell, heat, and stream out from the kitchen.

Easy sensors :

R1874T Sharp microwave consists of easy and smart sensors that automatically cook the food without adjusting the heat and power. This microwave automatically sets the heat and energy required for cooking.

  • Built-in exhaust systemnSmart sensornTurntablenPower of 850-watt
  • Packing is not good

ME18H704SFB Samsung 1000-watt Microwave

If you are observing for the best above range microwave ME18H704SFB, Samsung is one of them.

Best above range microwave


Here we describe the features of the ME18H704SFB Samsung microwave.

Capacity :

Microwave has a capacity of 1.8 cubic feet that have an excellent ability to place a large amount of food for cooking. Samsung microwave has a dimension of 29.87 x 15.56 x 17.06 inches. However, the interior of the microwave is made up of ceramic enamel.

Color :

ME18H704SFB microwave comes in black color, due to which it looks elegant. It is not suitable for the users having a white kitchen.

Wattage :

Samsung microwave has a power of 1000-watt that is large enough to cook or heat the food properly. Besides, the microwave also consists of ten power levels.

Control buttons :

The control buttons of the microwave are very soft, also they work well. It also consists of 2-stage programmable cooking functions.

Auto-cooking program :

ME18H704SFB microwave comes with the defrost setting and auto-cooking plan. It can automatically set the power and time for cooking.

Other features :

ME18H704SFB Samsung microwave also consists of controllable lights and sensor reheat settings. It also consists of halogen lights that can adjust the brightness level according to your desire.

  • Power of 1000-wattnAuto-cooking programnDefrost settingnHalogen lights
  • Sensor overcook the foodnFan creates noise

JNM3163DJBB GE Microwave, Black

JNM3163DJBB GE Microwave comes in a black color having an elegant design. This microwave looks excellent in the kitchen.

Best above range microwave


Let us discuss the features of the JNM3163DJBB GE Microwave.

Capacity :

Microwave has a capacity of 1.6 cubic feet and is suitable for the 30-inch cabinet space. This capacity is suitable to need the meet the needs of an average family.

Wattage :

GE microwave comes with the power of 950-watts, which is enough to cook large food. The power levels of the microwave can make either switch automatically or manually.

Venting system :

Moreover, the microwave also consists of a venting system. This venting system has two-speed controls with an airflow of 300 CFM. This system is used to remove the steam, odors, and smoke from the kitchen.

Turntable :

JNM3163DJBB GE Microwave also features a turntable that can be on or off based on your needs. The turntable can be used for even heating.

Defrost setting :

In GE microwave, defrost power levels and times are programmed manually or automatically according to the user’s need.

  • 300 CFM venting systemnEasy to installnSpotlights are presentnPower of 950-wattsnAutomatic and manual defrost setting
  • Operation is noisy

JVM6175SKSS GE Over-the-Range Microwave

Best above range microwave


Wattage :

Microwave has a power of 1000-watts that, is efficient for fast cooking. Besides, it has ten power levels.

Capacity :

JVM6175SKSS GE microwave has a capacity of 1.7 cubic feet that can accommodate large food. However, the dimension of the microwave is 15 x 29.88 x 16.5 inches.

Defrost setting :

Another fantastic feature of this microwave is that you can place the defrost food and enter the weight. Microwave automatically adjusts the power and time requires defrosting it. On the other hand, you can also change the time according to your desire.

Turntable :

GE microwave also features a turntable that can be on or off based on your needs. In short, you can control the operation of the turntable. The turntable can be used for even heating.

Melt feature :

Microwave has a function of melting. You can quickly melt the butter caramel, marshmallows, and chocolates in this microwave.

Cooking sensors :

These sensors are used to automatically adjust the power and time required for making a portion of tasty food.

  • Melting featuresnDefrost settingnCooking sensorsnOn and off the turntablenPower of 1000-watts
  • Cause a noise when the microwave is runningnWhen you close the door, it also creates a noise

Buying guide for above range microwave

Here we provide some features that must be present in a new best above range microwave. Before buying a microwave, study these features and then buy it.


The efficient power necessary for heating or cooking the food is 900 to 1000 watts. If your microwave has more wattage, it can heat the food more quickly than a low power microwave.

Control panel

Some best above range microwave has a control panel at the right side of the door while some have besides the bottom of the door. Some models have a control panel inside the door that gives a streamlined look. An over-the-range microwave has a soft control panel that is easy to use.

Smart sensor

Before buying, check either the microwave has a feature of a smart sensor or not. These sensors help in easy cooking because they automatically set the time and power.


The beautiful design of the microwave is sleek that looks beautiful in your kitchen. Some microwaves have a dial, while some have a touchpad to set the time and temperature. You can select the design of the microwave according to your kitchen design that suits it.


First, check the space of your kitchen before purchasing a microwave. Typically, the universal size of a microwave oven is 47L or above. The size of this range is suitable to perform many cooking requirements.


A turntable is used for even heating. Before buying, check the microwave has a turntable or not. It is also removable, which helps in easy cleaning.

Child safety lock

Most microwaves have a child safety lock that is helpful when you have children in your home. It protects against the accidental use of a microwave.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are different venting options for over the range microwaves?

Different venting options can be used, such as outside venting and circulating venting. Both of these venting systems are helpful for ventilation.

Outside or external venting directly brings ventilated air outside with the help of an exhaust fan. However, circulation venting first filters the air and then get it back into the house.

Is it hard to install a microwave in over a range spot?

Installation of microwave is not as much complicated as it seems. It will just require a few hours to install an over the range microwave. You can hire an electrician who will make your work easier.

What is the average age of the microwave?

 The age of the microwave depends upon the nature and extent of use. A microwave in commercial use can last 4 to 5 years because its use is heavy and low-maintained. However, a microwave under a small family can last up to 7 to 8 years.

Does all over range microwave have the same size and dimensions?

All 30-inch microwaves do have approximately the same size and dimensions and are installed on the 30-inch cabinet. Whatsoever, you can install your 30-inch microwave over a 36-inch cabinet with a filler jacket.


There is a lot of variability to features are versatility is present in the market. We have brought you the best above range microwave with general overall features.

Choosing a microwave depends on the user’s requirement and the types of food they want to cook. So we recommend you select your best above range microwave depending upon your kitchen’s need and requirements. Have a keen look at our mentioned products before you choose your choice.


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