Best brand of microwave oven

Best brand of microwave oven comparison 2023


Do you also find it challenging to choose which is the best brand of microwave oven? I can understand your struggle.

Microwaves have made cooking so easy. Almost everyone can cook today, just because of the microwaves. From heating cold foods to bake or even cook and grill, microwaves have provided us with quick access. As a result, we can see microwaves running in every kitchen. However, choosing the best brand of microwave oven can be a hectic task. It can be a nightmare for you if you do not know much about them. Yes, it’s true.

But don’t worry. We will guide you perfetly. For today, we have tested several microwaves from 10 well-known brands of microwaves. We have performed many different tasks to check their performances. Also, we looked at their main specifications such as their ease of use, cooking alerts and cleaning etc.

Here, we have combined the reviews of products from 10 best microwave brands. Let’s check it out.

1. Toshiba -EM925A5A-BS – The Top Pick

First of all, we have this fantastic unit from Toshiba. Toshiba is a well-known and well-reputed brand producing quality products for years. Of course, the product has got all the features you need in an ideal microwave. It comes with a powerful 900W motor. Also, it has 0.9 Cu. Ft.  capacity. Furthermore, in this unit, you get 13 power controls which makes it a unique choice. The EM925A5A-BS comes with a pre-programmed menu for six popular foods and 1 to 6 minutes of quick access.

Best brand of microwave oven

Moreover, there is a bright digital display, LED cavity light and mute the buzzer system included for you. Besides this, the unit comes at such a reasonable price that you would surely love. By providing such amazing products, Toshiba deserves to be at the top of the list of best brands.


Power 900 W
Capacity 0.9 Cu Ft.
Size 19.1 × 15.9 × 11.5 inches

  • Compact size with large capacity
  • Impressively reasonable price
  • Comes with Energy-saving ECO mode
  • Very easy to use
  • Cannot reheat the food automatically

2. Panasonic-NN-SB458S – Best Budget Pick

Secondly, the Panasonic ranks high in the list as the best brand of microwave oven. Apart from the quality products, they always provide the best prices, for example, the Panasonic NN-SB485S, which is the best budget unit. This unit has a 0.9 Cu. Ft. capacity. Also, it comes with 900W power for fast and even cooking. Moreover, it has 7 preset auto cook menu items as well as a 10.6 inches turntable. The unit keeps the foods warm until they are ready to serve.

Best brand of microwave oven

While providing you with the best interior features, the design is also not compromised. The unit has a beautiful yet simple and compact design. Above all, it comes at a price that everyone can easily afford.


Power 900 W
Capacity 0.9 Cu Ft.
Size 19.1 × 14.8 × 11.5 inches

  • Fast and even cooking
  • Simple and attractive design
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Very budget-friendly product
  • No voice control feature added

3. Farbware-FMO11AHTBKB – Best Quality

Farbware, being a well-reputed brand in the same category, keeps introducing quality products. They have got much appreciation by customers for their best products, such as this FMO11AHTBKB. This unit comes with a 1000W power. Also, it has 1.1Cu. Ft. capacity for which it praised by its users.

Best brand of microwave oven

Moreover, it features 6 pre-programmed cooking settings. It comes with a digital clock, a child lock, defrost function and a 12.5 inches large turntable. Furthermore, the unit has got ten adjustable power levels.

Also, it has a stainless-steel exterior and a stainless-steel interior which leads to easy cleaning. Hence, FMO11AHTBKB is the perfect choice for your kitchen.


Power 1000 W
Capacity 1.1 Cu Ft.
Size   20.2 × 16.54 × 12 inches

  • Can defrost food by weight or time
  • Has got Express cooking functions
  • Child safety feature added
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • It does not have a mute the buzzer function

4.BLACK+DECKER – EM036AB14- Large Capacity

Since we are trying to choose the best brand of microwave oven, we cannot forget BLACK+DECKER. Here, we have included a product from BLACK+DECKER to show that they are no less than others.

Best brand of microwave oven

The EM036AB14 is a digital microwave oven with 1000W power. The stainless-steel made product has a large capacity of 1.4 Cu. Ft. Also, it comes with ten power settings as well as a clock and kitchen timer. Furthermore, the unit features a large LED display with an easy to read control panel and an interior light. Additionally, it has got a 30 seconds express cooking features and a removable 12.4 inches glass turntable.

Apart from the interior features, it comes with a push-button door release and a child safety lock. Thus, it is well-deserved to be on the list.


Power 1000 W
Capacity 1.4 Cu Ft.
Size   16.9 × 20.4 × 12.4 inches

  • Large cooking Capacity of 1.4 Cu. Ft.
  • 30 seconds express cooking
  • Easy to use and clean
  • UL approved and 1-year limited warranty
  • Simple yet attractive design
  • This unit is quite heavy

5. Nostalgia –RMO4RR – Modern design

Next, we have picked this unit from Nostalgia. Because of their services in the industry, Nostalgia cannot be ignored when we talk about the best brand of microwave oven. The RMO4RR Retro is undoubtedly one of the best units that has 800W power and 0.9 Cu. Ft. Capacity. 

Best brand of microwave oven

This unit has 12 pre-programmed cooking settings as well as a delay timer. Also, it has a turn and push-program dial to navigate cooking settings. Furthermore, it comes with a digital clock and an easy to read LED display. 

Apart from all these qualities, this unit comes in five different colours. Also, if we talk about the price tag, it is a very budget-friendly product. Plus, it has got a modern and attractive look because of the retro design which makes it rank best.


Power 800 W
Capacity 0.9 Cu Ft.
Size 19 × 15 × 11 inches

  • Beautiful design with colour choice
  • Quick and even cooking
  • Easy to clean interior
  • 12 pre-programmed cooking settings
  • Can take a bit more time for some foods due to 800W power


COMFEE is another best brand of microwave oven. In our reviews list, we have added the EM720CPL-PM from COMFEE for its quality features.

Best brand of microwave oven

This unit comes with 700W power. Also, it has 0.7 Cu. Ft capacity as well as 11 adjustable power levels. Additionally, it has got mute function, settings, clock and kitchen timer. Moreover, it features accessible auto-cook functions for many famous foods. It comes with two defrost setting (by weight or by time). Furthermore, the EM720CPL-PM features 30 seconds express cooking with 1-6 minutes one-touch cooking functions additionally.

Besides all this, being a complete package, the unit also features energy-saving ECO mode and a child safety lock. Finally, with all these qualities, its 1-year limited warranty surely makes it rank high between the best.


Power 700 W
Capacity 0.7 Cu Ft.
Size 17.3 × 13.4 × 10.2 inches

  • Comes with sound on/off feature
  • Six one-touch cooking functions
  • LED digital control panel
  • 10-inch removable turntable
  • Compact and beautiful design
  • Some users complaint about the durability

7. Breville-BOV800XL – The Power Machine

The list is being more and more interesting because of the best brands. In addition to the list, we have this fantastic unit from Breville, the BOV800XL. This unit features 1800W power. Again, 1800W, yes.

Best brand of microwave oven

This power machine will surely make Breville, your best brand of microwave oven. With smart element IQ function, it delivers the right power at the right time when adjusted to taste. Also, it has nine present functions such as toast, bagel, bake, roast and broil etc. Moreover, this powerful machine features five quartz heating elements capacity, for example, a 13-inch pizza.

The unit operates on 110 to 120 Volts. Also, it has an easy to read LCD as well as interior oven light.

Above all, it comes with a one-year warranty. Therefore, this is surely one top product of our list.


Power 1800 W
Weight 16.64 Pounds
Size    15.7 × 18.5 × 11 inches

  • Extra powerful 1800W machine
  • Smart Element IQ system
  • Slow cook function
  • Easy to read LCD display
  • Convection Powered
  • A bit expensive

8. Samsung-MG14H3020CM – Ceramic Enamel Interior

Samsung is a well-known and high reputed brand all over the world. Therefore, we could not miss reviewing one of their products. Here, we have MG14H3020CM. It comes with 1.4 Cu. Ft. capacity, so, this is undoubtedly the best pick. Also, the unit features 950W power, and as many other best units, it has ten power levels and LED display. Furthermore, it has got auto-cook options to handle any meal with just push of a button. Moreover, it has an easy to clean as well as the scratch-resistant interior.

Best brand of microwave oven

Furthermore, the shiny mirror design and asymmetric shape give it a premium look. Because of all these premium features, it is a must to go for the product.


Power 950 W
Capacity 1.4 Cu. Ft.
Size    18.1 × 21.9 × 12.3 inches

  • Scratch resistant Ceramic Enamel Interior
  • Auto-cook options
  • Easy to operate
  • Premium shiny design and asymmetric shape
  • Grilling element included
  • Not so compact as well as heavy

9. Danby Nouveau Wave – The attractive pick

We also considered Danby to check as the best brand of microwave oven. We have reviewed the Danby Nouveau Wave. It is a beautifully designed product that can surely increase the beauty of your kitchen. Furthermore, the unit comes with 1000W power as well as a high capacity of 1.1 Cu. Ft.

Best brand of microwave oven

Also, it has got ten adjustable power levels. As a result of the features test, it did not fail at all. Moreover, it has got three speciality programs such as auto-defrost, quick defrost and auto reheat.

Besides, it has also got an energy-saving option which makes it unique from many others. So, overall, with the interiors, as well as the exteriors, the unit proved to be a good pick.


Power 1000 W
Capacity 1.1 Cu. Ft.
Size 15.67 × 21.22 × 11.81 inches

  • Shiny, attractive design
  • 1000 Watts power
  • Energy saving option included
  • Features three Speciality programs
  • Easy to use and clean unit
  • A bit expensive as compared to others

10. Commercial Cheff Rotray Microwave- The most Compact one 

Finally, we have this small and compact yet best unit from Commercial Cheff. The Rotray microwave is a durable unit due to its best construction. As it is a small unit, it has got 600W power and a 0.6 Cu. Ft. Capacity. Also, it is easy to operate and clean. 

Best brand of microwave oven

Because of its very compact design and lightweight, it takes shallow space as well as it’s easy to move. Although it’s a small unit, it still works perfectly. Moreover, it comes in a decent design as well as easy to grab grip type handle to open and close. All and all, it’s the right choice for small apartments, studios as well as offices to reheat food or prepare snacks etc.


Power 600 W
Capacity 0.6 Cu. Ft.
Size 17.75 × 12.5 × 10.25 inches

  • Light weight and compact
  • Energy efficient as compared to larger units
  • Works quickly with low noise
  • Includes Speed and weight defrost option
  • Not suitable for a large place

Key features to keep in mind to choose the best brand of microwave oven

Since microwaves have become the basic necessity of every kitchen, no one wants to have a cheap quality one. There are many types of microwave ovens as well as many good brands in the market. More choices always make things confusing. No doubt, it is challenging to choose the best brand of microwave oven from this vast market.

For this reason, we want you to know all the main features a good microwave should have. Therefore, we have collected the necessary information to provide you with a complete guide for choosing the best brand of microwave oven for your kitchen.

So, here we start:

Cooking needs

You should always have an idea of what you want from you microwave such as just heating or cooking too. If you know your needs, it will definitely save you time as well as energy. Also, it will be easy for you to pick up the best suitable unit from the best brand of microwave oven.


As it is something that is used daily, never compromise on quality. All the good brands are always willing to provide the best quality to their customers. However, there are also many cheap brands making low-quality materials. 

So, always check out the material as well as the finishing of the product you are going to buy.


It is something which is undoubtedly going to help you for a long time. No doubt that a quality product from a reputable brand keeps performing for years. But the warranty is something to make sure the brand stands with its products. So, always try to look for a product with a reasonable period of warranty.


Of course, price is the main factor for buying anything. So, when choosing the best brand of microwave oven, always consider the price tag of their products. Although you have to buy the best unit, still go for a product which is best suitable and has a reasonable price.


What is the life of a microwave oven?

Typically, microwave ovens last almost 7 to 8 years. However, after that, you will have to replace your microwave oven. Microwave ovens are a complicated gadget. You cannot do much to increase their life span. But to keep it performing well, just keep it clean and use it gently.

Which is the most reliable brand of microwave ovens?

Microwave ovens from Farbware have got much appreciation from users for their reliability. However, it always depends on the product you choose, its material and how you use it. But just like Farbware, there are many other reliable and durable brands as we reviewed 10 of them in our article.

Are microwave ovens safe for food?

Yes, they are very safe for heating or cooking food. However, if you use plastic bags or plastic jars, the dangerous chemicals from the plastic can seep into your food which is undoubtedly critical. Whereas, if you take care of it, your food is safe.

Should we repair a microwave oven or buy a new one?

Well, it depends on the problem with your microwave. For example, if it’s a little problem and repair costs less than 50 dollars, you should get it repaired. But if the repairing exceeds 100 dollars or if the microwave is too old, then, buying a new one is the best option.


Choosing anything from a wide variety has never been an easy task. Therefore, it can be less confusing if you have a good know-how of the product you are going to buy. After reading our article, we hope you have got a complete idea for choosing the best brand of microwave oven.

Although it’s only you to make the final decision, we tried our best to provide you with all the information. And we hope it will help you choose your desired product. Thank you!

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