How to clean microwave oven from inside

How to clean microwave oven from inside

Have you tried multiple tips to clean and oven but fed up now as none of them works? Are you worried about how to clean microwave oven from inside?

Look no further! This article is all about a microwave oven and how to clean microwave oven from inside, so let us discuss first what Microwave Oven is?

How to clean microwave oven from inside

It is a type of oven which is working on electric current, and there are different types of oven working on gas and electricity. A Microwave oven is connected to the electrical input, and it heats up and cooks the food by the electromagnetic radiations in a particular frequency range.

How Microwave Oven Works!

Working of a Microwave Oven is as simple as when we put any food material in the oven. The polarized particles and food molecules rotate and come in contact with each other producing thermal energy. This is the only reason why any food material in the microwave oven is heating instantly; 

The food content with more water content can immediately react, resulting in the cooking of food. Microwave ovens are used widely in this modern era. It is essentially a home/ kitchen appliance, used for cooking food or reheats the previously cooked food. The microwave oven helps in instant heating of cooked food, whereas a meal conventionally may burn or become tasteless.

Besides its full applications, the microwave oven is of limited usage purpose in cooking, because it cannot attain a very high temperature to boil, bake or fry any foodstuff. In contrast, it is also possible to add other resources of heat to work it efficiently; later in this article, we will discuss how to clean microwave oven from inside.

Components of microwave oven

Let’s talk about what are the components a Microwave Oven consists of? As far from its behaviour, you might have an idea of its parts, what material it is using to give you such instant results.

Well at first talking about its power source, a microwave oven consists of a high voltage powerful transformer, a high power of a capacitor. It also contains a converter called Magnetron that enables it to convert high voltage electric current to microwave radiations. Other than that it has a metallic chamber, a metal wave fan and a control panel to guide the user, making it a handy product to use.

Let’s have a look at some questions arising in an individual’s mind; as it is using polarizing radiations, does microwave cooking have any effect on our food? So, the answer is yes! Not in a harmful way but like other cooking stuff.

Like other forms of conventional cooking, it also destroys some nutrients. In the case of a microwave oven, it is directly proportional to the amount of water used in the kitchen, and for how long the food is cooked.

Nutrients from the food are polarized as molecules of water are polarized, so the essential thing to consider during your cook is giving your foodstuff. The shortest time and average temperature to get it to cook more healthily.

Safety Measurements

So after discussing Microwave Oven briefly, we came across the point of essential safety precautions to take while handling a Microwave Oven. Afterwards, we are going to discuss how to clean microwave oven from inside.

Let’s have a look at some crucial and essential points that I consider are important for you to remember them.

As discussed earlier, a microwave oven uses some polarizing radiations to get your food ready. A microwave oven heats your food instantly, but the machine itself doesn’t get hot that much. So it will be dangerous to leave any hot foodstuff near or above the microwave oven. 

Here comes the interesting fact that the food prepared by a microwave oven is not that much hot as compared to conventional cooking. This is because a microwave uses low temperature compared to baking, frying and boiling. This low-temperature cooking is beneficial for our health. 

It lowers the chances of formation of carcinogenic substances such as tars and other impurities, as the radiations of microwave penetrate more deeply cooking the food inside out.

Pros and Cons of Microwave Oven Cooking !

Do you know about the pros and cons of microwave cooking? Not to worry, my friend I’m here to tell you everything.


So we are going to know about the advantages first because it has some great features indeed. Being a handy machine to use, it offers an individual a great convenience in cooking and reheating a cooked food in a short viable period.

A microwave oven cooks faster than an ordinary oven using its quick polarizing ability. Are you health-conscious like me? Excellent here is why this product is simply a day maker. 

  • It allows us to relish Healthy food and steam cook our vegetables without getting the nutrients lost. 
  • A reliable microwave ensures that your food stuff must not burn, unlike conventional cooking; there is no need to keep a check on your cooking food.
  • You can just put your food in the microwave oven, set the particular time and temperature and let the oven cook your food for you.
  • A microwave oven is economically beneficial to an individual as it consumes far less energy than any heat burner or conventional ovens.


Hope these advantages sound good, but I will let you know about the disadvantages too, let’s have a look at some drawbacks of using a microwave oven.

Beside significant advantages of this machinery, you have to admit some disadvantages too, and it is normal because everything has some drawbacks, as they say, nothing is perfect.

  • While operating a microwave for getting your delicious food cooked, you must keep in mind what utensil or food cover you have used along with the food you place in the microwave. 
  • You must have to take precautionary measures while using any dish material to avoid getting your utensil or dish melted and food spoiled.
  • Another little drawback is, a microwave oven has a shallow space that it cannot cook food for large families.
  • Also, you are unable to cook individual dishes like frying the chips or getting a tasty fish fry.
  • Overheating food in the microwave will make our food muggy and soft spongy tasteless stuff that might burn your mouth or tongue.
  • It takes just a couple of minutes or a wrong utensil to get your food burned, and your microwave gets grimy.

How to clean microwave oven from inside

Now the question is how to clean microwave oven from inside? How to make it look new? It is a problem that most of the users primarily face and ends up looking for useless articles. But now your worries are over. I’m here with a proper solution to get your microwave cleaned from inside. You can now know about how to clean microwave oven from inside as well as outside by regular kitchen appliances. You can use baking soda, vinegar, and different dish soaps to clean it from outside. 

What if our food spoils and it is all messed up inside; let’s have a look at this cleansing method written below.

  • Using a liquid splash splatter will make our microwave smells good,
  • Follow this suggested splash splatter making to clean your microwave efficiently.
  • Use one cup of water and combine it with lemon or orange slices.
  • Squeeze either lemon or orange into the bowl of water; you can also use apple cider vinegar with water for better results.
  • Put the splatter in the good microwave friendly material bowl, and place the container in the microwave oven. 
  • Turn it on high temperature for a few minutes until the steam generates. 
  • That’s it! Close the microwave oven and let it cool for five minutes. Afterwards, you can remove the bowl and wipe the inner side of a microwave oven with a clean, dry kitchen sponge.

Smelling some foul odor ?

All the spoiled food will be removed using this simple platter bowl, but what about the smell left? 

Sometimes our foodstuff burns, leaving a bad odour whenever we open the microwave for our use. Well, we have a secure method to get the smell away; just follow this simple technique. Baking soda can absorb foul odour. We can put a bowl of baking soda inside the microwave oven for some time to get the entire foul odour to absorb.

Let’s wrap it up!

Summarizing our discussionin a few lines, that microwave oven carries excellent advantages over other conventional cooking methods. 

We can place a microwave oven in a kitchen or an area somewhere in the room. It carries great importance to those bachelors living away from their families. A microwave oven is such a day saviour to an individual to cook their food comfortably and effortlessly.

Overall if we compare a Microwave oven with other conventional ovens, we are getting a lot more benefits than those steam ovens and gas stoves. It is helping us to prepare our foodstuff in less time, offering excellent and healthy food. It is less time consuming and unlike gas stoves, we don’t have to keep an eye on our food and check it regularly; instead, we can program our microwave oven to a particular time and temperature, afterwards, just wait for the food to get it ready.

So in the above discussion, we covered everything including what is a microwave oven, how it works, its pros and cons, Its cleansing process, how to clean microwave oven from inside, etc. Hope this felt useful to you, in case of any query or confusion feels free to ask at Contact Us.

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