Best affordable microwave

Best affordable microwave in 2023


Everyone loves to have the best appliances in their kitchen, and every also loves to save money in the same way. Most people want to have a versatile, powerful, convenient microwave with many supporting features in an affordable price range.

The microwave industry is growing day by day, and with each day, many new models come into the market with a new feature to offer. A lot of people do not have such an attractive budget to buy an advanced, reliable and efficient microwave. Keeping in view all these circumstances, it seems impossible to find the best affordable microwave in the market.

However, we have brought you the best inexpensive microwave present in the market with our research and product hunting. All of these microwaves have efficient features with versatility in cooking and have a reasonable price.

Let’s have a view of these best affordable microwave with detailed features.

Top picks

To save your time to study a lot about the best affordable microwave, we provided top picks that help you quickly buy a new microwave.

Toshiba B071WCB1T6 is the best cheap microwave with sensors for cooking, energy-saving mode, and one-touch start. Also, it is easy to clean.

RMO4RR Nostalgia is an affordable microwave with efficient cooking power, an attractive design, and customized cooking settings. Also, it has a feature of a child lock, a digital clock, and a simple dial.

Review of products

1. RMO4RR Nostalgia Metallic Red

If you need the best affordable microwave in an attractive design, then RMO4RR Nostalgia Metallic Red is the best choice.

best affordable microwave


Here are the characteristics of the RMO4RR Nostalgia microwave.

Cooking power :

Nostalgia microwave provides an efficient cooking power of 800-watt. At a cubic foot of 0.9, this microwave gives the energy necessary to reheat the food or cook the food.

Digital clock :

RMO4RR microwave has a LED display that lights up the digital clock, due to which it is easy to read. Also, this feature helps highlight the settings required for cooking.

Customized settings :

Microwave has a quality of 12 pre-programmed cooking settings. It also has a quality delay timer that is useful for optimal heating of various foods like popcorn, potatoes, pizza, veggies, and many more.

Design :

This microwave is available in a sleek design having a metallic red color. Elegant design and color give a microphone an attractive look and look beautiful in the kitchen.

Simple dial :

Nostalgia microwave has a simple program dial used to easily navigate the cooking settings using a simple turn-and-push dial.

Turntable :

In this microwave, the turntable is present that is easily rotated. Rotating the turntable has been used for cooking the food evenly.

Child lock :

Microwave has a feature of child lock helpful when aces by children or accidental use.

  • Easily cleanednEase of usenConsist of turntablenAffordablenRetro red design
  • The door is not goodnNever last long

2. EM720CPL-PMB COMFEE’ Microwave

best affordable microwave


Let us discuss the qualities of EM720CPL-PMB COMFEE’ Microwave.

Design and Size :

It is a stylish microwave that is available in black color. The compact size of the microwave is 0.7 cubic-foot having a power of 700-watts and 11 power levels.

Energy-saving mode :

Microwave consists of an energy-saving mode that helps to save energy during standby mode.  When you turn on the ECO mode, it minimizes the 50 power.

Auto-cook function :

COMFEE’ Microwave has an auto-cook program that is used to automatically set the time and temperature to cook food like potato, popcorn, veggie, and beverage. Also, used to reheat or defrost the food.

Digital display :

EM720CPL-PMB microwave has a bright digital display and consists of a control panel that is easy to read.

One-touch buttons :

Microwave has an express cooking function of 1-6 minutes and also +30 seconds. While it also consists of two defrost settings based on weight and time.

Other functions :

EM720CPL-PMB COMFEE’ Microwave is available with the features like child safety lock, clock, mute function, and kitchen timer.

  • The option of sound on and offnAuto cook functionnSafety lockn11 power levelsnEnergy-saving mode
  • No button for the door openernButtons give out

3. 70929 Kenmore 0.9 cu. Ft Microwave

If you need the best affordable microwave, then 70929 Kenmore 0.9 cu. Ft is the best choice.

best affordable microwave


Here we discuss the qualities and features of the microwave.

Compact :

Kenmore microwave is a compact microwave that is ADA compliant and is suitable for apartments and small kitchens.

Digital display :

Microwave has a LED display that is easy to read. The LED display also highlights the cooking functions. It is easy to use.

Turntable :

70929 Kenmore microwave consists of a turntable that is used for evenly cooking. You can turn this and check that your food is appropriately cooking or not. It is removable for easy cleaning.

Defrost setting :

In this microwave, you can quickly defrost your frozen food using the weight and time defrosts setting. The microwave also consists of a one-touch set; you can instantly start cooking in just 1-6 minutes by using this.

Power :

Kenmore microwave has strength of 900-watts, having ten power settings. This microwave also consists of a 30-second additional button.

Diamond Cavity :

An exciting feature of this microwave is protected with a diamond cavity that provides perfectly heated foods concentrating on the energy.

Other functions :

70929 Kenmore microwave is available with the features like children safety lock, auto-cook program, timer, and clock functions.

  • Auto-cook programnSafety lock to prevent accidentsnDefrost settingnAvailable with turntablen30-sec additional buttonnTen power setting
  • Breakdown easily


best affordable microwave


Turntable :

With the help of a Turntable, food can move or rotate throughout the cooking cycle, which helps apply heat on all food sides.

Control lock :

The control lock offers protection from accidental touch, leading to any operation in the microwave. You can turn it on and feel free about your microwave.

Stainless steel material :

Interior of the microwave is made up of stainless steel, strong, robust, and corrosion-free. Due to stainless steel made of the cavity, cleaning made easy with just a few wipes.

Quick buttons :

To assist users, GE JES1145SHSS has quick buttons. These quick buttons have installed operation in them with specific food items. You can just launch these operations by just clicking on one button.

Push-button :

Most of the microwave offers a manual opening of the door. In GE JES1145SHSS, there is a push button that opens the door of the microwave. Hence, no more manual opening of the door you can open it by pushing a single button.

Display features :

The display of GE JES1145SHSS is very user-friendly, containing an LED clock timer. Buttons also have short descriptions. Interior bright LED is also present, which provide an excellent vision of the food from inside the microwave.

  • An attractive design that suits most of the kitchen designsnGE JES1145SHSS is a useful presets
  • The buzzer of the microwave is very much loud, which can be irritating some timenMicrowave is slightly under power

5. Magic Chef Countertop Oven

best affordable microwave


Stainless steel construction :

To provide rigid and robust features, the microwave is made of stainless steel. Due to the stainless steel structure, the microwave is resistant to corrosion and withering. Stainless steel also does not allow oils to stick on the surface, so cleaning is effortless.

Express cooking :

To save time and extra electricity, the Magic chef countertop oven has an express cooking feature. Due to this feature, you can cook a small quantity of food in 30 seconds during express cooking; the microwave applies full power and temperature to cook your food, saving both time and money for you.

Menu buttons :

There are eight menu buttons present on the microwave display, which contains different cooking options. So, your favorite dishes are just one button click away from you and offer perfectly cooked food.

Child protection lock :

To protect your microwave from children’s hands, you can turn on the microwave’s child lock option. This option will preserve the touch and operations given by children. If that option is turned on, then only adults can operate your microwave.

Weight and size :

The weight of the microwave is 28lb, which is not too much. Moreover, the size of the microwave is compact and can adjust in most kitchen spots.

  • Good overall performance of the microwavenWide range of menu buttonsnStrong construction material
  • Express cooking is not much efficient

6. Toshiba B071WCB1T6

best affordable microwave


Sensor for cooking :

A smart sensor is present with six auto menus. Sensor technology can sense the humidity level of the food. By guessing the humidity level, the sensor adjusts the amount of heat required to cook your food. Hence, optimal results are given by the microwave due to the built-in sensor.

Defrosting :

Easy defrost is provided by the microwave oven. You have to select a custom to defrost the menu and then put in the food’s weight. Then your microwave will do the rest of the work. You can do easy custom defrosting with up to 1 Ib with automatic adjustment of time.

Easy to clean Interior :

Cavity of the microwave is easy to clean. The Interior is polished with enamel, so it has a smooth surface that is scratch and stain-resistant. A smooth surface also has the advantage of easy cleaning with no adherence to oil.

Energy-saving mode :

All Toshiba microwaves are very energy efficient and have useful energy-saving methods. Microwave consumes 50% less power on the standby mode. ECO mode is also an effective way to save electricity and electricity bills.

Melt function :

Too soft and melt certain food items, the microwave has a particular melt function. This option is best suits for butter, cheese, and chocolates. On seven auto menus, you can adjust the weight and extent of melting smoothly and efficiently.

One-touch starts :

Several dishes menu is already installed in the microwave, so you can push one button to activate that specific dish cooking.

  • Custom and easy defrostingnSensor for cookingnMelting functionnEasy to clean the cavity and Interior of the microwave
  • Tented glass makes it difficult to look inside

7. LG Neo Chef Countertop Microwave

best affordable microwave


Sleek and compact design :

The microwave design is very compact; hence it can adjust in most kitchens. Also, you may not require having extra space to place it.

Easy to clean Interior :

The LG Neo Chef Countertop Microwave cavity is very much to clean. The interior surface is also coated by an anti-microbial agent, which keeps your food free from microbes. Hence clean as well as the microwave assures germ protection.

Turntable :

Turntable of the microwave provided even cooking of the food. Food keeps rotating during the cooking cycle. This gives the excellent distribution of heat on all sides of the food.

LED light :

A bright LED light is present inside the Interior of the microwave. Due to this light, you can have a clear vision of food inside the oven.

Smart inverter technology :

Inverter technology of the microwave gives the unit continuous power with energy-saving sense. This smart invertor allows the microwave to provide high performance with low energy consumption.

Defrosting :

Microwave has four defrosting options that can be used. These defrosting options are separate and depend upon food. You can apply separate defrosting on meat, bread, chicken, and fish.

  • The sleek and compact design of the microwavenSmart inverter technology in the microwave
  • Limited controlsnLukewarm heating capability

8. Cuisinart CMW-100 

best affordable microwave


Memory function :

Microwave has a memory function to save cooking operations. You can save your pre-performed function into your microwave’s memory and can again apply it whenever you need.

Child lock and silent mode :

High-frequency beep is present in the microwave to give an alert. You can adjust the intensity of the beep. Also, a salient mode is current, which completely mute beep sound. The child locking system enables microwave operation in your hand only.

Defrosting :

Two defrosting options are present, which are defrosting by time and defrosting by weight. Both of them can be used to the type of food item.

Express cooking :

Quick and powerful cooking can be achieved by enabling express cooking. You can cook from one to six minutes on express cooking. In this option, your microwave gives 100% performance to cook your food.

2 stage cooking :

This option divides your cooking into two stages, which also separates the intense power of power. You can apply 15 minutes of defrosting at the first stage, and then in the second stage, you can use 8 minutes of cooking.

Size and power :

The size of the microwave is one cubic foot, which is normal. The power of the microwave is 1000 watts along with ten different power levels. Due to these powerful and unique features, Cuisinart CMW-100 is one of the best affordable microwaves.

Stainless steel construction :

Interior, as well as the exterior of the microwave, is made up of stainless steel.  This non-porous stainless do not absorb moisture, food and oily particle and hence easy to clean.

  • Easy to usenPowerful with 1000 watts powern2 stage cookingnMemory function
  • Grill and convection modes do not work correctly.

9. Toshiba EM925A5A-SS

best affordable microwave


Compact size :

The microwave size is compact and can be placed in the kitchen’s available space. So, if you have a tiny kitchen, then Toshiba EM925A5A-SS will be the best choice for you to have in an affordable price range.

Available space :

Available space inside the microwave is nice and large due to racks and grills. Placing food on shelves can save you the price and money on electricity bills.

Bright LED light :

Toshiba EM925A5A-SS has a crystal clear view of food from outside the microwave window. This is due to the bright LED light, which is present inside the microwave. Also, the glass on the door is apparent and provides a sound vision of food. Hence you can monitor your food from outside.

Mute option :

Microwave has a beep alarm when an operation is completed. This alarm is very high and can be disturbing sometimes. The microwave has a mute button to silence this beep. So no more beep disturbance from the microwave.

ECO mode :

Toshiba EM925A5A-SS understands the burden of electricity bills and offers a saving option in ECO mode. At ECO mode, your microwave consumes 50% a lesser amount of electricity with no compromise on power.

Defrosting :

Two defrosting options are present, which are defrosting by time and defrosting by weight. You can select both of them separately, depending upon the type of food to be cooked.

  • The compact and sleek design of the microwavenECO mode for low power consumptionnDifferent cooking levels from one to 10
  • No cooking sensor

Buying guide for the best affordable microwave

When you will purchase the best affordable microwave, check that these features are available in the microwave or not. If the following qualities are present, then buy it without any confusion.


Microwaves are available in a variety of different sizes. While buying the microwave, first consider the available space in the kitchen and then buy a microwave. If you have a large space in the kitchen, prefer a large size microwave; otherwise, a small size is the best option.

Clearance space

For microwave, clearance space is required above and below the microwave for ventilation. Clearance space is most commonly needed for combo microwave because more air is expelled while performing a dual function.


Some microwaves consist of a turntable that automatically rotates the food inside the microwave for even cooking. If this feature is not available, it is necessary to stop the microwave and then rotate it to cook it properly.

Cooking sensors

Sensors are helpful to detect the moisture in the food or humidity in the microwave. After noticing this, it can automatically adjust the time and temperature required for cooking a portion of food.

Energy-saving mode

When you place your microwave in standby mode, it is also consuming some energy. If you need an energy-efficient microwave, they prefer those that have the feature of energy-saving mode. It will decrease the consumption of power.

Other features

Other features present in the best affordable microwaves are good LED display, children’s mode, high cooking power, and easy use.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the average age of the microwave?

Microwaves, even the best affordable microwave, should use for 9 to 10 years. This is not the fix-it varies from model to model. If you want to increase the average range of your microwave, then maintain and clean it regularly.

Is repairing worth in microwave?

Large microwaves and countertop microwaves are durable and reliable. As they are durable, there is no need to repair them too often, especially when you care for them. It is better if you repair it when some cracks occur in the microwave.

Do some microwave leak radiations?

Electromagnetic radiations are used to heat the food in the microwave. If you used the microwave oven when it is broken, or cracks are present, it results in electromagnetic radiation leakage. It is harder to detect electromagnetic waves because you cannot see them or smell them.

What factors should you consider while purchasing the best affordable microwave?

When you are going to purchase a new affordable microwave, then you should consider the following features.

  • Wattage
  • Turntable
  • Touchpads either it is easier to use or not
  • Children lock
  • Size according to available space in the kitchen
  • Sensors that are used to save energy and time


The best way to choose the best affordable microwave is to compare it with other products present in the market. After several comparisons, you will start to understand what features are common in every microwave and rare. Also, compare the price of the microwave with the offering features in it.

After a bit of search regarding that, you can select more than one product on your priority list. At last, select your desired product, keeping in view your budget and the features you want. Also, keep in mind the size and available space.

If you have a tiny kitchen, it is recommended first to measure the size of your kitchen’s available space. Then find a microwave that suits that available space. Indeed, our recommended products will help you to find your best affordable microwave.

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