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Best compact microwave oven in 2023

Are you searching best compact microwave oven? You have spent a lot of time while searching for best compact microwave oven. But you did not find what you want.


There are a lot of things to note before buying best compact microwave oven. Your concern is oven size, oven time, long-lasting, and control system. Information is present on different websites, but it is much confusing for you.

We are here for you. We decided to come with an article to answer your queries related to best compact microwave oven.  It has best compact microwave ovens, buyers guide, and top FAQ section. Let’s start with our top picks.

1.   Toshiba EM131A5C-BS Compact microwave oven- Easy to clean

To keep an oven clean is a quite tough task. If you are looking for an easily cleanable oven, you should choose this one without any doubt. Meanwhile, the design of this oven helps to clean it very easily. In short, this is best compact microwave oven for you.

Best compact microwave oven


Sometimes more steam is there in the oven, and it causes food to spoil. Many buyers are in search of an auto-sensing oven. This oven auto controls the steam and food never spoils. In short, it produces much better results than all other ovens.

Heating process

Some ovens are very slow at heating and do not heat evenly. But this oven provides even heat throughout the food. It gives very speedily defrost and controls steam as well.

Control panel

Control panel is the main feature of any microwave oven. If you are looking for the best control system, you should go for it. In short, this oven provides you with one-touch frost and defrosts settings.

Large display

Many people are searching for large display because it gives ease to read. If you are from them, you should buy this oven without searching any more. To cut a long story short, the large display is easily readable from some distance while doing other activities in the kitchen. Hence it is a crucial factor while buying best compact microwave oven.


Weight 34.6 pounds
Turntable Diameter 12.4 inches
Oven Capacity 1.2 cubic feet
Power 1550 watt
Power Levels 10
  • Very sensitivenQuick heatingnLarge displaynQuick touch responsenTurntable
  • The design of oven but it is a neglectable factor.

2.   Whirlpool WMC2005YM compact microwave oven- Small size

Size is the main concern of many buyers because of limited space in their kitchens. If you are looking for small size microwave oven, you should pick it without any doubt. In short, this will save space for other kitchen accessories because of its small size.

Best compact microwave oven

Tap-touch control

Convenience is one of the vital requirements for peoples. Because of tap-touch power, it is quite easy to use this oven. It has a capacity of 0.5 cubic feet, which provides you enough what do you need.

 Control lock

Sometimes, undesired results are there. So, to avoid undesired effects, you can buy this oven because of its control lock. You will have control over products by just pressing a single button at the control panel.


Weight 32.6 pounds
Turntable Diameter 11 inches
Oven Capacity 0.5 cubic feet
Power 750 watt
Power Levels 10
  • Easy to cleannSpace-savingnLess electricity consumptionnSpeedy defrostingnOne-touch control
  • This oven is not long-lasting if carelessly used.

3.   Farberware FM010AHDBKC compact microwave oven- Stylish

Sometimes, style matters a lot for the user. If you are looking for stylish microwave oven, you can select it. It has stainless stain interior and 1 cubic cooking capacity, which are additional factors.

Best compact microwave oven

Grill functioning

Some users are looking for an oven to have brown and crispy food. But, this oven provides a grill function for crisp food. So, you can bake food of your own choice.


Buyers are interested in buying an oven which performs many tasks at a time. This oven has the ability to perform 11 functions. In short, multifunctioning provides comfort and control to the user.

Control system

Users always look for an easy control system. This oven offers easy management for slow cooking as well. A refresher present in this oven helps to keep the oven clean.


Weight 47 pounds
Turntable Diameter 12.5 inches
Oven Capacity 1 cubic feet
Power 1000 watt
Power Levels 10
  • StylishnMultifunctionnEasy controlsnGrill functionnAuto-refreshnDigital clock
  • Need some guidance to operate it

4.   Daewoo KOR-7LREW compact microwave oven- Size and design

Sometimes buyers are looking for small size and attractive oven. This oven has a small size and stylish design which attract buyers. If you are looking for small size oven for your kitchen or office, you should buy this.

Best compact microwave oven

Classic handle

Many users want an oven with ease to open its door. But this oven has classical doors. So, you can open it easily even by one hand.

Quick heating

Although it is tiny in size yet, it provides quick heating. It offers speedy cooking process. If you are looking for a small size and fast cooking you should buy it.


Some users cannot buy expensive ovens and they try to look for the best compact microwave oven in affordable rates. If it is so, you should go for it because of less price and vast functionalities.

Lock for Children

Children do not know how to use Ovens it can be harmful to them. They can cause burning or electric shocks. This oven offers an extra lock to protect from harmful results.


Weight 23.5 pounds
Turntable Diameter 10 inches
Oven Capacity 0.7 cubic feet
Power 700 watt
Power Levels 5
  • AffordablenStylish designnChildren locknLightweightnEasy to open
  • Bigger size plates cannot be placed.

5.   Panasonic NN-SD372S compact microwave oven- Fast speed

The modern world seeks fast and speedy outputs. Meanwhile, this oven has a high-speed heating system and defrosts very quickly. If you are looking for a quick microwave oven, you should choose this one without any doubt.

Best compact microwave oven


Sometimes food gets over roasted because of excess heat and steam production. This oven has sensors very active sensors to control overheating. In short, this oven provides convenience to the user during the cooking process.

Temperature control

Food gets cold after the oven is turned off and the oven cannot control the flow of heat, but this oven provides you control over temperature. To sum up things, this will offer you hot food after some time although.


People are always looking for their comfort. This oven offers you convenience because of one-touch control. It provides automatic control of temperature for different foods.

Steady steam

Sometimes, more or less steam production can cause bad food taste. This oven gives you constant steam flow at the time. Hence, it provides us with the best quality and taste of food.


Weight 20.9 pounds
Turntable Diameter 11.22 inches
Oven Capacity 0.8 cubic feet
Power 950 watt
Power Levels 9
  • Smart sensorsnConstant steam flownVery quick heatingnPrevents heat lossnQuick timer
  • Best for small use only

6.   Samsung MG14H3020CM compact microwave oven- Easy to clean

It is quite tough to keep clean an oven. The oven looks older even after a little time. But, this oven provides you very easy to clean interface. It is easy to keep its outer surface clean because it is scratch proof. It will never look older after years too.

Best compact microwave oven

Auto cooking

Users think about a variety of delicious foods, but they cannot cook them. This oven facilitates you to cook a variety of food items, and it has 12 auto cooking options to cook tasty and variety of meals for your family.

Crispy food

All of us like brittle foods but don’t have facilities for cooking it. But, this oven provides you to cook crispy food by using the grill function. You can enjoy brittle food items by using this oven.

Heating Ability

We cannot wait so long when we are hungry. We need food very quickly. But, this oven provides a very quacking heating process to cook and defrost food. So, it will help you to have food without any long wait.


Weight 41.9 pounds
Turntable Diameter not specified
Oven Capacity 1.4 cubic feet
Power 950 watt
Power Levels 10
  • Auto heating abilitynEasy to cleannSimple digital displaynGrill functioningnShiny and modern look
  • No safety locknNo mute option

7.   Commercial chief CHM770 compact microwave oven- Small size

Many people have tiny houses, and they need small size microwave ovens. It is tiny in size and affordable oven. If you are also looking for a small and cheap oven, you should buy this.

Best compact microwave oven

Variety of meal

Although it is minimal in size, yet it contains ten power levels and six cooking controls. It helps you to cook a variety of foods very quickly. It is the best oven because of a variety of foods and less price.

Safety lock

Children never know about dangerous things. But their safety is the main concern. This oven has a safety lock which helps to make children safe. If you have children in your home, you should buy this one.

Easy to use

Many users are looking to find an oven which is easy to use and maintain. This oven is very easy to use because of its digital controls. It provides rapid heating and defrosting.


Weight 23.1 pounds
Turntable Diameter not specified
Oven Capacity 0.7 cubic feet
Power 700 watt
Power Levels 10
  • Auto time controlnAuto temperature controlnChild safetynSpeedy defrostingnNeed less space
  • Creates noise while operating

8.   Panasonic SD945S compact microwave oven- Commercial use

Some people need microwave ovens for their business, such as fast food services. This oven is of large size and provides enough space to cook any food item. It gives speedy cooking to detail with all the customers easily.

Best compact microwave oven

Steady steam

 Steam production is a significant issue to be discussed. Less or more steam production will cook tasteless food. This oven produces constant steam during the whole cooking process and helps to cook tasty food.

Easy to use

This oven has a digital display and auto cooking sensors. It has quick press button controls. All the controlling features provide ease to users.

Maintain temperature

We often face an issue that food gets cool after the oven is turned off. This oven offers the facility to keep warm food. It does not allow the flow of heat and food remains warm for hours.

Latest technology

This oven provides versatile convenience having one-touch technology. User can control the cooking process by just pressing a button as once. It has delay control and child safety as well.


Weight 37 pounds
Turntable Diameter 15 inches
Oven Capacity 2.2 cubic feet
Power 1250 watt
Power Levels 19
  • Auto controlsnSensitivitynTemperature controlnConvenientnConstant steam
  • Size for small kitchens

9.   Cuisinart CMW-200 compact microwave oven- convectional

People are looking for all in one oven. Cuisinart oven provides style, service, and suitable size. If you are searching for best microwave oven, you should buy it because of versatility.

Best compact microwave oven

Look and performance

A user always goes for good look and performance. This oven has an elegant design, and its performance is best than its others. In addition to this, it is straightforward to sanitize food as well.


It has nine preset functions. These functions help you to cook a variety of food items. In short, it will help you to cook any food item very easily.

One button performs a lot

It has an awesome control system. You can control any cooking process by just pressing one button. And, all these functions are attached in a sequence.


Weight 48.8 pounds
Turntable Diameter 12 inches
Oven Capacity 1.2 cubic feet
Power 1000 watt
  • All in onenOne button controlnDefrost functionsnBakingnStylish
  • Tempered glass

10Nostalgia RMO4RR compact microwave oven- Fast

Many customers are always looking for quick response oven. This oven operates very quickly. If you are looking for a high-speed oven, you should choose it. It has an attractive design as well.

Best compact microwave oven


This oven shows you the current time. It has the ability to save the previous information. You can save your cooking details such as temperature and time for different foods. In short, it will save your time to adjust again and again.


It has a very stylish look. Its elegant look attracts buyers to buy it. In short, its design has a modern digital display which makes it more stylish.


Weight 34.2 pounds
Turntable Diameter not specified
Oven Capacity 0.9 cubic feet
Power 800 watt
  • CustomizablenStylish designnDigital displaynEasy to use
  • Small Size

Buying guide – Best Compact Microwave Oven

I have done by explaining 10 best compact microwave ovens. Meanwhile, it’s time to explore buying guide. It is a clear and detailed guide. Indeed, it will sum up all the features of best compact microwave oven.


Firstly, get an overview of an oven by its power. The oven with higher power operates faster. So, you should carefully observe the power feature of microwave ovens.

My opinion is to buy a microwave oven with power more than 700watts. And if you want grill function, you should buy an oven with power more than 1000 watts.


First of all, you should determine the extent of the microwave oven because of your kitchen size. You should buy a microwave that fits your kitchen. In addition to an extent, you should check turntable diameter as well. Some microwaves have small turntable diameter and cannot handle large plates.

Easy to use

Most microwave ovens have one-touch control, so you do not need to worry. They are specifically digital controls. In short, all required information and controls are present in the description so people of all ages can use them.

Easy to clean

It is recommended to buy a microwave oven with a stainless interior. You can easily clean the oven by using any piece of cloth. Besides, you should look for detachable turntable glass. So, you can easily clean your microwave oven.


Most importantly, the sound of microwave oven disturbs sleeping or working people. You should buy a microwave oven which is mutable. It will never disturb your family members.

Safety lock

The safety lock is a critical feature while buying a microwave oven. Therefore, you should purchase a microwave oven with safety lock. It will ensure the safety of your children.


Weight is another essential concern while buying a microwave oven. Because the weightless microwave oven is easy to move. Even a woman can change its position easily. So, try to buy a weightless microwave oven.


Finally, it was all about guide for best compact microwave oven. Firstly, I started by explaining which helmet is best, in my opinion, and why is it best? Also, I selected the top 10 compact microwave ovens. All of these ovens are affordable. They have many excellent pros, while minimal cons those can be ignored.

Secondly, self-explanatory buying guide. This guide is all about what features you should always consider while buying best compact microwave oven. Certainly, this guide will help you to know what do you need.

Moreover, we have provided you with some FAQs at the end. This section will sum up answers to all your questions. You can ask any question anytime. We know it’s an investment for a long time. We will answer your questions.


Is microwave oven harmful to humans?

Microwave can heat body tissues as like food. But it will be harmful when the body is exposed to a microwave oven for a long time.

Can we bake in a microwave oven?

You cannot bake in a microwave oven. You need a baking oven to bake. But Farberware FM010AHDBKC provides the facility of baking as well.

Do the microwave kill virus?

Yes, microwave kills all viruses because of ways and heat produces. Food can be sanitized using a microwave oven

Can we use metal plates?

No, you cannot put metals in the microwave because it can cause a blast.

Can we make tea or coffee?

Yes, you can make tea or coffee by using a microwave oven.

Is it bad to stand near a microwave oven? Yes, it is hazardous to stand nearer to the microwave oven. The microwave oven can emit harmful radiations.

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