Best Microwave for the Money

7 Best Microwave for the Money in 2023


People nowadays are looking for smart home appliances that can limit their work. The manufacturing industry also has this thing in mind while manufacturing their products. Adding intelligent and advanced features may affect its price.

Same is the case with microwave ovens. They are much expensive than other home appliances. Not much oven which has advanced features is the best affordable microwave Most people also have a mind to have a versatile oven with a compact design to fit their kitchen and serve their multi-purpose needs.

So if you find the best microwave for the money, this is the right place for you. We have brought you those Microwave ovens with advanced quality features, and they also have an affordable price range.

Here are a few microwave ovens that will adjust to your need if you are looking for an affordable product. So read all of the mentioned products to find your best microwave for the money.

Top picks

If you have not enough time to study a lot about the best microwave for the money and then purchase it, we have provided the best pick for your convenience.

CHM660B Commercial Chef:

This oven is the perfect choice for a small home kitchen as it has a compact design with many advanced display features. Moreover, it is easy to operate, has quite an operation, and offers various food cooking options.

Amazon Basics Microwave :

With voice commanding features, bright LED display, child safety systems, and many other functions make Amazon basic microwave the best microwave for the money.  Also, smartphone connectivity adds comfort and easy controls to your life.

Review of products

1- Toshiba EM925A5A-BS

Best Microwave for the Money


Compact size :

This oven has a smaller interior design that helps small space in the kitchen. Moreover, inside the oven, there is considerable space due to racks. As a result, a lot of food can be kept inside the oven.

LED light :

A bright LED is installed inside the interior of the microwave oven. This bright LED light allows you to have a good view of your products from the outside. Due to this, you do not need to take a break to look at your food. You may have a glance easily from outside the window.

Silent mode :

Toshiba EM925A5A-BS have a high-frequency beep sound to give an alert. However, this beep sound may feel irritating to some people in sleep. To avoid this beep sound, you may put your microwave oven in silent mode. You can also lower the intensity of the beep.

Energy-saving modes :

Toshiba EM925A5A-BS can save your electricity when it is compared with other conventional ovens. It holds 50% of power at standby mode. If you turn on ECO mode, your device will behave energy efficiently and save your electricity and bills to make it one of the best microwave for the money

Pre-installed Menu :

Toshiba EM925A5A-BS has some pre-installed programs to provide you with better cooking in just one click. This menu inclides6 different dishes like pizza, potato and popcorn and like others.

  • Compact designnSafety lock and silent modesnLow power consumptionnEasy defrost and 10 different cooking levels
  • Air drying is not presentnCombo features are not supported.

2- Amazon Basics Microwave

Best Microwave for the Money


Voice commanding system :

Using the oven’s Alexa feature, you can command your oven to perform different functions. This feature may add new functions manually and keep on updating.

 LED feature :

LED is embedded inside the oven, which provides a good look of the food during cooking. LED gives a bright white light, which provides better vision than other yellow light displays.

Compact design :

The Amazon Basic Microwave size is very compact and can adjust in the kitchen’s small space.

Smartphone Control :

Another advanced feature of this oven is its connectivity. You can connect your microwave oven with your smartphone and monitor its operation from the application installed on your mobile.

Easy cleaning :

The oven’s interior is made up of stainless steel, which is very beneficial for cleaning. You can wash it with just a few wipes, and then it will be clean as new. Stainless steel also has the advantage of being resistant to corrosion.

Safety lock and silent mode :

Like other ovens, this microwave also has a child protection locking system. Silent mode can also be activated when you want to turn off the beep. Both of these protective features are very useful for some users.

Other functions :

Some other additional functions like a kitchen timer, tuneable, and 10 different cooking levels are also present so you can cook your food with variety.

  • Compact designnEasy user interfacenAlexa integration
  • Some of the plates do not fit in the oven


Best Microwave for the Money


Pre-installed menu :

The microwave oven has a pre-installed menu for some cooking features. You can need to press a button to activate that cooking operation. These cooking features include potato, pizza, beverages, popcorn, and other frozen vegetable options.

Display features :

To provide an easy display to the user, the oven has a large display screen on the interface. Also, a bright LED light is installed in the interior for better looking at the food. The microwave’s Display understandable and easy to control by the user.

Push-button :

Push-button is present to release the door. Due to this feature, you do not need to apply pressure on the door to open it. With just one button press, the door of the oven will be open.

Stainless steel interior :

The interior of the oven is made up of stainless steel. Due to which it is strong and robust. The smoothness of steel makes it easy to clean the surface. Also, steel is protective for corrosion and withering.

Child safety lock :

Sometimes, your children may operate your oven, which can be very dangerous. To avoid this, a child safety lock is present in the oven. If you turn it on, then the oven will be operational only in the hands of adults.

Rack positions :

Oven also has racks in it, which are very useful when putting more food inside the oven. Using frames also have an advantage for the application of heat over all sides of the food. Again, this will surely save you time and the cost of energy bills.

  • Good control of heatingnRelease of the door with push buttonnPre-programmed menu
  • Defrost is not too good


Best Microwave for the Money


Large LED display :

A large LED is present on the interface, which is very useful for reading and controlling internal conditions.  Touch screen display also solves many problems and provides excellent and easy control over cooking conditions.

Express cooking : 

Saving time and energy is the right approach. Such an option is present in the oven, which gives high-speed cooking for 30 sec. using this feature; you can cook food at high temperatures in just 30 seconds. Express cooking feature also saves your money and time and is the best microwave for the money

Pre-installed cooking on buttons :

Six most popular cooking options are installed on the buttons to provide easy operation for the user. You can press a single button to apply that cooking mode.

Display interface :

The display interface of the oven have several amazing features like a countdown timer, kitchen timer, clock function, and also express cooking options. These all provide easy control and monitoring to the user.

Inverter technology :

Presence of inverter technology has several beneficial features like it saves energy, resulting in low electricity bills so it can be a perfect fit for the best microwave for the money. Moreover, inverter technology also gives your microwave oven continuous power, suitable for the oven’s performance and life.

Other features are also present in the oven, such as a child safety lock, delay feature to keep food warm, preheating feature, and silent mode.

  • Reheat food evenlynYou can add a 10-sec increment if you have applied a shorter cook time
  • Not good defrosting of beef

5- Samsung MS14K6000AS

Best Microwave for the Money


Ceramic Interior :

Ceramic interior has several significant benefits. It is scratch-free and also very strong and robust. Enamel polish is also present on the surface of ceramic, which gives smoothness. Smooth surface allows easy cleaning of stains and oily things.

Sensor cooking feature :

The sensor cooking feature senses the amount of heat required to cook your food. All this depends upon the nature of the food that is put inside the oven.

Distribution systems :

Three distribution systems are present in the oven. This distribution system allows even distribution of heat to give good quality of cooked food.

ECO power saving :

ECO mode is very beneficial when you want to save electricity or electricity bills. Your oven consumes less energy required on this mode, so quiet and energy-saving, especially standing by conditions. Due to Power saving mode it becomes best microwave for the money.

LED function :

Bright LED display with advanced features to give an elegant design in your kitchen. The display is user friendly with easy controls.

Pre-set cooking modes :

Several pre-installed cooking modes are also present. These cooking options provide comfortable and controlled cooking of food with just one click of a button.

  • Easy cleaningnEnergy-saving with ECO modenAdvance features
  • Beeps are loud with no silent option

6- CHM660B Commercial Chef

If you want to have the best microwave for the money, CHM660B Commercial Chef is the best option. Here we discuss the features of this microwave.

Best Microwave for the Money


Design :

Commercial Microwave is specially designed for small kitchens. It looks like the old-school toaster oven. It has a black front display and durable due to the cabinet.

Controls :

Controls of the microwave consist of two rotatory knobs, ones used for the power level while others are used for cook time. Power level consists of 6 cooking levels that include defrost (42%), low (20%), medium (73%), medium-low (52%), high (100%), and medium-high (88%). The limit of time knob ranges from minutes one to ten.

Easy to use :

If you need a microwave that quickly cooks the food, this useful option. It is easy to use and cook food quickly. To open and close the handle can be easily grasped.

Quiet operation :

Commercial chef microwave performs he work quickly as well as quietly. You can easily cook them at night without any noise.

Small space :

If you have little space in your kitchen, then you must choose this microwave. CHM660BA occupies a small room in the kitchen. 

  • Easy to usenDurablenQuieter than other modelsnOccupy small space
  • Cannot set cooking time in seconds’nIt does not consist of a clock

7- Farberwave 1.1 Cu. Ft. Countertop Microwave

If you want a sleek design and the best microwave for the money, Farberwave Countertop Microwave is the best choice. 

Best Microwave for the Money


Let us discuss the features of this microwave.

Cooking programs :

This microwave consists of six cooking programs that cook food automatically; these programs include popcorn, pizza, frozen vegetable, potato, and dinner plates. Also, it provides convenient control.

Design :

The microwave exterior is sleek stainless steel, and the interior is also stainless steel. It has a C cooking capacity of 1.1 Cu. The microwave’s stylish design gives a beautiful look to the kitchen.

Digital clock :

Farberwave microwave has clear LED display lights and highlights the cooking setting that helps easy cooking.

Defrost :

Another feature of this microwave is defrosting; you can place your frozen food in the microwave and set the temperature according to the weight. Hence, enjoy your meal. this feature works well on low wattage which means it uses less electricity so it’s the best match for the best microwave for the money

Glass turntable :

Consists of a 12.5-inch large glass turntable that allows even cooking. Users can easily remove it for cleaning.

Child lock :

If you want the safety of children, then enable this mode. This mode protects against accidental use.

  • 12.5-Inch glass turntablenChild lock for safetynHighlights LED display
  • Operation is noisy

Buying Guides for the Best microwave for the money

Here we discuss some features that must be present in the best microwave for the money. Before purchasing a microwave, check these features present in the microwave or not.


Check the microwave has a feature of turntable or not. This feature is helpful to rotate the food to check that it is appropriately heated or not. If this feature is absent, then you need to stop the microwave and then turn your plate. It is easier to clean.

Smart sensors

Smart sensors are useful to automatically adjust the power level and time to measure your food’s heat. This sensor also tells you how much heat is required for the food. This is an important point to consider while buying best microwave for the money.


The size of the microwave depends upon the available space in the kitchen. If you have a little space in your kitchen, then prefer the best microwave for the money according to your room.


In this article, we give reviews of the best countertop microwave. They have been installed easily as well as at a low cost. However, it has a disadvantage in that it requires more space.


These features tell you how powerful your microwave is. If the microwave has a high wattage, it means that it cooks the food quickly. Low wattage is useful for melting chocolates, softening butter, and defrosting. Less wattage means less electricity consumption so consider it too while purchasing best microwave for the money

Child lock

Children lock helpful when you have children in your home. When your children play with this, then this feature is useful for the safety of the children.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which signs show that a microwave is not going right?

If your microwave shows the following features, then it means that it is not going well.

  • Food is not correctly cooking
  • Microwave produces a sound
  • The smell of smoke, burning, and sparkle
  • The door is not completely closed

What things should be considered while buying the best microwave for the money?

When you are going to purchase the best microwave for the money , then you should consider the following features.

  • Wattage
  • Touchpads either it is easier to use or not
  • Size according to your kitchen
  • Sensors that are used to save energy and time

What is a suitable wattage for the best microwave?

The suitable wattage for the microwave is 1000 to 1200-watt. This power is enough to defrost or heat anything taken from the freezer. If the microwave has a smaller wattage of 700-watt, it takes a lot of time to cook or heat the food. 

Are microwaves helpful for killing the bacteria?

Yes, microwaves help kill the bacteria. They are used to kill germs like bacteria and viruses. If you heat your food for 2 minutes, it is sufficient to kill the bacteria and viruses. Hence, they are not the disinfectant but can be used to kill germs.

Does the microwave destroy the nutrient of potatoes?

Microwaves cook the food quickly by using electromagnetic waves. Microwaves affect the nutrients of potatoes but not too much to destroy them. However, potassium is an essential mineral, is not affected by microwaves.


Buying best microwave for the money requires good knowledge of the features and other elements present in it.  So we recommend you to have some pre-knowledge of the essential things. Our buying guide will also help you in this regard. However, you can also check individually on different brand sites.

Choosing your option might confuse you sometime. So, first carve your needs and requirement, and then have a choice depending upon them. Definitely, our recommendations will help you to find your best microwave for the money.

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